BRUSHO BOOK – a step-by-step guide

  brusho, brusho paint, brusho crystals, brusho dye, brusho art, brusho images, brusho bookThe Art of Brusho
a guide to beautiful paintings


My new book step-by-step book is packed with exciting ideas and techniques.


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This inspiring book will help you to discover new ways to unleash your creativity. Filled with easy to follow step-by-step guides, it shows you how to use Brusho’s ‘little pots of magic’ for a variety of stunning, evocative paintings. If you like colourful paintings, then you will love the intense vibrancy of Brusho paint. British artist, Carrie McKenzie, takes you on a creative journey of start-to-finish demonstrations, exciting techniques, and special effects such as using Brusho with starch, soap, bleach, gesso, granulation medium, acrylic ink, etc.


Similar to watercolour, Brusho mixes with water, but has its own unique and delightful properties, allowing you to create striking, impressionistic images. As the chapters unfold, you will learn how Brusho pigments work together, some simple composition strategies, and how to produce your own vibrant paintings by using Brusho in a range of adventurous ways. Also, each chapter includes several gallery paintings that capture the essence of every theme and provide extra inspiration for your own Brusho visions.


The Art of Brusho is packed with:

* Step-by-step guides for a range of creative techniques

* Studio tips for successful working practices and saving time

* Start-to-finish demonstrations for lively, inventive paintings

* Special effects achieved with starch, soap, bleach, gesso, granulation medium, acrylic ink, etc. 


Just follow boldly along, and you’ll soon be producing Brusho paintings that zing with colour and energy. Above all, be ready to enjoy a glorious explosion of Brusho colours!

You will love this exciting Brusho book.

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I am an Artist and I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire. I offer painting classes, as well as art workshops. In addition, I can provide art demonstrations for local art societies. Also, I can provide Brusho paint free of charge for most of the art workshops. You can find my Brusho Book on Amazon and a number of other retailers.


My paintings are exhibited regularly at a number of galleries and venues across West Yorkshire. My artwork has been selected for collections in UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to original works of art, I also offer premium signed prints and greeting cards in different sizes, which are available through this website. Having had a passion for art since I was a child, I currently work from my studio in Halifax. Also, I have trained with some of the leading national and internationally acclaimed artists, who have influenced the development of my own personal style. I think it is important for an artist to keep learning and refreshing ideas – it’s an exciting journey.


I am fascinated at the play of light and color that completely changes the appearance of the environment, its people and wildlife. So many great artists have tried to capture the fascination of light in their work – it is, I think, one of the most attractive aspects of any painting. Consequently, I am constantly striving to reflect the impact of light and color into my own work.